on Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Done compiling a FiSH module for irssi, which runs on Debian 6.0.5 64-bit. As some of the guides out there are somewhat broken, because links have changed and so on, I decided to post a newer version here.

First verify what system you are running on.

Alright, so we are on Debian x86_64. Lets install some prerequisites.

This will install you irssi and some irssi sources in the same version (0.8.15 on Debian 6.0.5). Now run the following commands line by line. This is basically following this or this guide, but some of the links have changed.

Now it's time to update the Makefile. Change the first 3 lines to the following values.

Make sure these directories exist. They should have been created earlier when installing the packages above. Double check that glib_inc contains glib.h and gmodule.h. Finally run:

This might give you some warnings but if you didn't get any errors, you should now have a libfish.so file. If you get error messages, start reading the make output from the top. The first time I tried, it couldn't include glib.h and gmodule.h because I had the wrong directory configured in Makefile.

To use you new fish module, copy it to the proper location.

To autoload the fish module during irssi startup add a line to you startup file.

Voila enjoy encrypted irc chat.