Sabnzb and Sickbeard post-processing with File Upload

on Wednesday, July 10, 2013
I recently bought a Synology DS213+ and I have to say it's awesome. Initially I wanted to run SABnzb and Sickbeard directly on the NAS. Unfortunately this setup has two problems. First of all with the SABnzb and Sickbeard packages installed on the Synology, the NAS never goes into hibernation (standby) anymore. There is a workaround that suggests having the log files of these two applications on a USB pen-drive but I never got this to work for me. The second problem is the transfer rate. SABnzb on the Synology NAS only gave me between 3 and 4 MB/sec while running it from a desktop computer in the same network gave me between 10 and 12 MB/sec.

Finally I decided to continue running SABnzb and Sickbeard on my desktop computer and to copy new files manually onto my Synology NAS via FTP. I run the common post-processing setup using

Keeping track of new files and manually uploading them to the NAS is a bit tedious. That's why I decided to start the upload as part of the post-processing. Here is what I did. Go into your folder containing the Sickbeard post-process scripts, i.e. ~/.sickbeard/autoProcessTV, and in that folder create a new file with the content listed below.

This is essentially a copy of this script on stackoverflow with some of the extra features like encryption, sftp and walk removed. Find the line that says FTP_PWD and replace it with the password of the FTP user on the Synology NAS. Plain FTP is not very secure, so you might as well have the password in the file - and yes I don't care so much about security since everything is behind a router and a firewall anyways. Make executeable, i.e. chmod +x

Now make a backup of the original file that comes with Sickbeard and replace it with the file I have listed below. In the new file replace FTP_USER with the username of the FTP user on your Synology (i.e. ftpuser). Replace FTP_PATH with the shared folder where you want to upload to (i.e. video). Replace FTP_HOST with the ip address of your NAS (i.e. The modified script works as the original. The upload it triggered whenever a line is printed that starts with “Moving”. From that line, the target directory in Sickbeard is extracted and uploaded via FTP to the NAS. Enjoy.


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